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Basic Package

2x Attendant

1 360 premium booth

On-site sharing of videos

 Ring LED Lighting

3 Hour session

Basic props

Set up/ Take down


Deluxe Package

2x Attendants

360 premium Booth

On-site sharing of videos

Premium LED  Lighting

4 Hour session

Set up/ Take down

Custom logo or marquee

Premium props


Luxury Package

2x Attendants

360 Premium booth

On-site sharing of videos

Premium LED Lighting

4-5 hour session

Red Carpet

Stantions Velvet rope 

Bubble Gun

Money Thrower


Custom backdrops

5x7 - Backdrop  = $400

8x8 - Backdrop = $900

How to Book a 360 Booth


To book the 360 booth, simply fill out the information in the contact form. Give as much information as you can about the event.  We will contact you to set everything up.

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Contact to book 

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Sharing icon.PNG

Instant Sharing

Guests can share their footage immediately by scanning the QR code or Emailing it.

Attendant logo.PNG

On-Site Addendants

Our professional team will direct your guests to take perfect shot every time.

Custom logo.png


We work with you to design custom overlays and video FX with the soundtracks to create a jaw dropping final footage.

Slow Motion Video

Video logo.png

Our 360 Video Booth captures Slow-Motion video then it’ll speed up and slow down the footage at set intervals in order to capture eye-catching final video

Frequently asked question


Where do you travel to?

We travel anywhere in North America, but travel fees are added when your event is over 20 kms outside the Winnipeg area.

What type of events do you do?

We will come to any type of event. Birthdays - Weddings - Baby Showers - Corporate Events - Graduations.

How do we get the video?

After guests shoot their video, we instantly edit and create options to share the video with you.

What is the setup like?

We arrive 45mins to 1 hour before the event to set up and make sure everything is ready to go. We only need a 10'X10' space and can shoot the video inside or outside. (outside weather permitting)

Is there an attendant at the 360 photobooth?

Yes, at every event there is at least one attendant present and working to ensure your event goes smoothly.

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