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Audio Guestbook Phone


Degree5ive's Audio guestbook lets you record message clips. Just pick up the phone, wait for the beep, say whats on your mind, and hang up. All the voice messages will be uploaded after the event for you to listen/share/download and enjoy for years.

  • Instant Online Booking

  • Vintage Style Audio Guestbook 

  • Have your own Custom "After the Beep" Voice message

  • Pre-charged battery which lasts till the end of the night

  • Unlimited Audio Recording Up To 2.5 Mins per recording.

  • We come set it up and take it down at the end of the event.

  • Two colors to choose from (more to come)

Upgrades available:

  • messages delivered on 12" Vinyl Record

  • Social Media Friendly Audio Waveform MP4 Videos with Custom Image 



Guests pick up the receiver and listen to your pre-recorded greeting, leaving their own message after the beep to be cherished for years to come.

Our Audio Guest Books have been skilfully designed to be hassle-free. Simply plug in and start making memories.

No phone line or Wifi connection necessary.

A Guestbook that is not Awkward

Ever see those video guestbooks at a wedding or event? While they are a nice idea, typically guests struggle with being authentic when they are in front of lights, a camera, and an attendant staring them down like they are on a tv show. Our audio guestbook phone eliminates the awkwardness and leaves more room for candid (and sometimes drunk) messages from all your guests.

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2023 Degree5ive Photobooth

I had a great experience sharing the great time I had at their wedding The Audio guestbook was simple to use and felt natural.

Vanessa Walters

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